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Our one-stop holistic mental health services realise your dream of living without worry in your way.

With Living Without Worry Health Clinic, you have the option to access all needed services in one clinic or from one service. You can choose your preferred clinicians, your comfortable languages and cultures of service delivery and get your responses no later than one business day. Join Living Without Worry today and start your services with our qualified and experienced clinicians.  

We provide mental health services on all levels: Psychology, Counselling, Social Work, Behaviour Therapy, other therapies, Dietitian, NDIS Psychology Recovery Coach, NDIS Support Coordination, NDIS application, Mental Health Support Work and group therapies and programs.

the living without worry difference

Our Mental Health Services Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision is to build a better and stronger mental health resilient community by effectively supporting people with mental health issues and practically training more mental health clinicians.

Our mission is to assist people in need to better manage their mental health issues in a culturally appropriate way through psychology counselling and allied health therapies collaboration model so that they improve the ability of mental health resilience and maintain physical and psychological health wherever they live.

Our values are:


Psychology & Counselling

Embark on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being at LWWHC, where our expert team provides personalised counselling, therapeutic support, capacity building, community engagement, accommodation assistance, seamless case management, innovative NDIS support, and holistic positive behaviour management.

Schedule to see a Psychologist, Counsellor, Social Worker, Behaviour Therapist, NDIS Social Worker, NDIS Psychology Recover Coach, NDIS Support Coordinator, Mental Health Support Worker today – Contact us here

Support Coordination

Our innovative team works resourcefully with NDIS Participants. We go beyond conventional methods, creatively assisting individuals in utilising their plans to not just meet but exceed their goals.

Social Work

At LWWHC, our social work experts offer individualised counselling services, community participation initiatives, and capacity-building support focusing on specific needs to enhance mental well-being, resilience, and coping strategies.

Behaviour Support

Our highly trained team specialises in offering comprehensive positive behaviour support. Our approach involves thorough assessments and the implementation of effective behaviour management strategies for holistic well-being.

Case Management

Experience the seamless integration of assessment, planning, facilitation, monitoring, and review through our dedicated case management service. Our collaborative approach ensures personalised and effective care.

support people in need to better handle their mental health

Building a Better & Stronger Mental Health Resilient Community

We strive and commit in developing community mental health resilience by providing mental health services for individuals (adults and young people) and groups (indoor and outdoor) as well as professional training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for mental health clinicians.

We actively collaborate with and participate in community activities to raise mental health awareness and educate mental health knowledge, partnering with other mental health providers, NGOs and government agencies.

 We strive to cover our mental health servicing areas as much as possible in order to assist more people in need. We provide one-stop mental health services for individuals (adults and young people) and groups (indoor and outdoor programs) in your preferred way under most government and private funding. We strive to match our clinicians to your preferences. 

We provide responsive mental health services 7 days in clinics, online or home visiting. We can deliver mental health services in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog, Bosnian, Hindi, Swahili, Tok Pisin. 

All of our clinicians have formal Australian or Australian recognised tertiary education qualification and/or extensive relevant clinical experiences. They can provide culturally-appropriate and professional services in your languages.

supporting mental health clinicians

Support and Supervise Mental Health Clinicians Grow and Fulfil Their Potentials

We provide mental health professional supervision, training, coaching and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs for mental health clinicians.

We also provide mental health business coaching and consulting to private practices.

We are continuously recruiting Psychologists, Social Workers, Counsellors, OTs, Physio Therapists, SLPs and other allied health professionals on full time, part time, casual, subcontractor or student placement basis as well as business partnership arrangements.

Stories of Growth

Discover the impact of our specialised services firsthand as individuals share their transformative experiences in the testimonials section, offering insights into the positive outcomes achieved at Living Without Worry Health Clinic.

  • Living without Worry Clinic provides reliable and highly professional services. With their support, I am back to my social life and on the right track to my mental recovery journey. They support me to increase my NDIS funding, which allows me to have the most appropriate support in my life now.

    – Tommy W.

  • I am extremely happy with the service I have received from Living without Worry Clinic. They understand my situation and support needs with a gentle and warm-hearted approach. Under their professional support, I have dramatically increased my NDIS funding, which better meets my daily mental and physical support needs.

    – Jenny W.

  • I have received friendly, trustworthy and quality services from Living without Worry Clinic. They have improved my mental wellbeing and my life quality as a whole. I highly recommend this service.

    – Jacqueline E.